World Robot Olympiad TM (WRO)

The World Robot OlympiadTM (WROTM) is an international educational robotics competition that offers young people an opportunity to get up close in a playful and fun way. technology and engineering. Students, with the guidance of a mentor, must build an innovative robot that overcomes a challenge. Thus, they learn and demonstrate their ability to solve problems, while developing personal skills.

The The international final of the WROTM takes place once a year in November and teams are classified from national competitions to represent their countries, bringing together young people from around the world to develop their creativity, design and problem-solving skills through challenging and educational competitions and robot activities.

Robots must be built with LEGO materials

The competition groups various independent challenges: Regular, Football and Open

The robot is mounted during the tournament

Teams can be 2 or 3 participants

Participants can not receive help from the coach during the tournament

In Regular, on the day of the tournament a rule can be announced surprise

The challenges are inspired by the country that hosts the International Final

We want

Provide students the opportunity for educational growth, encouraging experimentation, creativity and approach to Robotics, which promote a better technical, economic and social development in the country.

We will achieve

To be the opportunity for innovation to contribute to the development of technical skills for students, as well as to increase the technological development and intellectual growth of the country.

Registration to the event

Dear participants of the National Olympics of Robotics Puerto Rico, if you wish to register and comply with the characteristics requested in the general rules of the event, please click on the button to fill the respective form to register.