Biomass is a fuel of natural origin, which uses organic matter as an energy source, so the energy produced with biomass is often called bioenergy. It can have a residual origin, that is to say, it comes from residues that can not be used for another activity, or come from crops dedicated solely to produce this bioenergy or energy from biomass.

Biomass from forest exploitation in Oregon, USA. Photo: ODF (Oregon Deptartment of Forestry) (Flickr)

Its main characteristic is that it is a type of sustainable energy and alternative to the rest of energies of fossil origin. It is obtained by burning forest or agricultural waste that would otherwise not be used at all. The energy of biomass or bioenergy can be obtained in different ways:

Energy crops destined solely for the production of bioenergy or biomass. This is the cultivation of plant species that until now had little application for daily life but as producers of biomass are very effective. Thus, it is possible to take advantage of everything that nature offers us to transform it into energy for our day to day.
After forest exploitation activities, when the waste can not be used or sold for other functions. This means that instead of being discarded, they are used to generate energy through special devices such as boilers or stoves and contribute to the sustainability of the planet.
By residues of industrial processes, which come from carpentries or factories that use wood as a material, or also disposable residues such as bones of olives and almond shells.
Energy from biomass can generate a lot of energy and from waste that can not be used for another purpose, its economic advantages make it a very attractive energy alternative. The fact that we avoid an external energy dependency not only lowers costs, but also provides stability and comfort to our home. The price in the biomass fuel market is much lower than that of fossil fuels, which is a significant saving for our home or business.

Biomass helps to prevent fires, because with the collection of the material is also carried out a cleaning of the forests. The combustion that is going to be carried out in your house or business through the boilers or biomass stoves is very controlled and safe, so you do not have to worry.

Bioenergy is respectful of our environment, because it is obtained from waste from forestry or industrial activities and is a very economic resource because these wastes are constantly generated by the action of the human being. Biomass is an effective alternative to far more expensive and polluting forms of energy that can make our home and our environment cleaner and more efficient.