According to wikipedia, gamification is: “is the use of techniques, elements and dynamics of games and leisure in non-recreational activities in order to boost motivation, as well as reinforce behavior to solve a problem or obtain a objective”.

Everyone who has contact with children, at the parent or guardian level, knows how much children love the game. Well, a few years ago began to use the elements of the game: rules, rewards, skills, to apply to the world of education. So much for the obtaining of academic improvements, as to favor certain behaviors. That is definitive, it is gamification.

What is it?

Class Dojo is a free application that works both on the web and on mobile devices and on all platforms, which helps us when implementing a gamification strategy.

The idea of “Class Dojo” is to help control the progress and progress of students in those aspects that we want to improve

How does it work?

Class dojo is articulated in several levels:

It also has several usage roles:

School principal
This structure allows a lot of flexibility while allowing us to have everything tidy and controlled. Thus, a pupil can be in a group, belongs to a class and that class belongs to a school. In addition, the school director can know how their classes work, teachers take control of their classes and parents know the progress of their children.

To achieve the gamification objectives of which we spoke at the beginning, we have to define those objectives that we will reward and those that we want to avoid. To give an example, for a particular class we could define as something to reward.

Group work
The creativity
The good deal with the companions
Take care of the school material
And as attitudes we want to avoid.

Swear words
Talking in class
Stick to other mates
Running in the halls
For each class we can define different objectives.

At each of these attitudes and behaviors, we can give it a positive or negative value. These scores can be shared with students so that, as if it were a game, they see their progress and are more aware of the things they do well or badly.

In short, using everything that children are attracted to the games to achieve advances in their attitudes, behaviors and abilities.

What use can it have?

Class Dojo, apart from rewarding or punishing different attitudes of students, allows:

Take control of student attendance.
Have a watch to keep track of certain activities.
Create a class diary where to note those milestones that the teacher seems important about the day to day of the class.
Create a student portfolio to record your progress. In addition we can allow the student to write in that personal portfolio, to make it participate in the process.
Have a direct communication with the parents, both the scores, and the diary of each student so that the father has more direct information of the student’s progress. Or to communicate directly some incidence.
In short, Class Dojo is a teaching aid that every school director, teacher, student or parent can customize and adapt to their way of understanding education.

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