Technological Modules


The sky is the limit and we teach to touch it.


In the course of Water Rocket, you learn the theory and evolution of styles, forms and construction of rockets in history, Applying knowledge a water rocket or a bottle rocket is a type of model rocket that uses water as a reaction propellant. The pressure chamber, the rocket motor, is usually a plastic bottle. The water is thrown out by a pressurized gas, usually compressed air, which drives the rocket according to Newton’s 3rd law. In this topic we teach you that it is a rocket (space shuttle), then with recycled materials a rocket model is prepared that after being created they are launched.

In the course of robotics the theory is learned and its evolution in history, which is a “Robot” and works with Lego materials, where participants assemble different designs and are programmed using a method similar to “Suzuki” that distinguish the components by the colors eg (motor = green). It works with motors, light sensors, ultra sonic, angle, among others.

Rangerbots (4th-6th, Basic)

This course uses the same concepts of “WEDO”, but its design is composed of metal chassis and electronic components, where participants can program the engines and different sensors that the model has


Robotics modules from the 3 years.


Sumobots (4th-6th Intermediate)

In this course the participants They can make a fusion between the sport of sumo and robotics. Using Lego materials “Mindstorm”, a model with maximum measures and weights is developed to be able to have a pleasant competition among the participants. After the development of the product, the team that had the most originality based on friendly competition is programmed and searched.


Enjoying aquatic robotics and playing learning.


In this course the participants they will learn the buoyancy laws “Boyle,” where the student can understand how a submarine works and the different forces that work on it. Then a submarine with pvc pipe is built. The student has the opportunity to work with motors and at the same time learn to waterproof it in the same way they work with tin and solder to be able to weld them. Part of the work of the students is to learn programming and they will mount and program an electronic card that after welding would be the remote control of the submarine. Finally, they swing and are tested.

(4th – Superior, Intermediate )

Same as aquatic robotics basic but in this design the participants have the freedom to add more motors, LED lights and area to place camera for the moment to be tested.


We clear your doubts about microcontrollers and show how they changed our lives.

In this course the student has the opportunity to know what is a micro computer, the different types that exist and their uses. After the theoretical part the student goes to the practical part where they start from a simple light “Leds” until they can make sequences of different lights or whatever their imagination takes them to do.


Science Fair

We take the knowledge to another level and show you the latest advances in Robotics.

Students are They present some generalities on the subject, such as basic definitions, characteristics, parts that make up an industrial robot and some applications. In addition there is a brief introduction in terms of kinematic and dynamic models for any robot, therefore you will have a basic concept, enter the analysis and complete study on Mathematics of the Robot and the way that industrial robotics works. At the end of the participants they develop a production line using different sensors and motors to be able to carry a load from one point to another and classifying them by colors.

3D Design

The newest way to see and show you the world of your projects.

The student has the opportunity to know the evolution of 3D printing, then he is taught to use the sketchup program, from the simple (painting, sphere) to how to make plans of houses or models of original projects of them. At the end of this topic the participant may have developed a “charm” and printed it on the 3D printer.


Online Marketing

We guide you in the search for robotics and programming products.

Inside the workshop the student You have the opportunity to know the different pages that they can use to develop a “Web” page, they are also shown the work behind every web page and they are shown how to make and develop their first page. The course will be structured as an objective to train the student with technical skills in design and development of “Web” pages using HTML. As a final work the student will build his own website.

Renewable Energies

We promote the use of alternative energies guaranteeing the equipment.

The student is offered the basic concepts of the development and evolution of “Hydroponics”, concepts of electrical energy and the science behind solar panels. In addition they are taught the different types of plants that can be produced, their methods of cultivating them and their reproduction in a Hydroponic. He is taught several types of construction of a hydroponic and at the end of all they are shown the advantages and how it works. After all this a hydroponic is mounted with a lettuce garden and the solar panels are used to give the energy to the pump that will keep the water in cycle.


Application Development

We create the future from a PC or Smart Device.


The student has the opportunity to know the different types of existing mobile applications, they are taught that it is a mobile application and its different uses. Through the “Window Phone” platform, the student will have the opportunity to work step by step as a simple application while the participant is creating one at a time until reaching the goal of creating their first application. They also create an application that is a type of calculator and each one gives the personal touch.

(4th -Superior, Intermediate and Advanced)

Participants are trained with multiple technologies such as terrestrial robotics, renewable energy, videogames, aquatic robotics, mobile applications, programming, digital entertainment, creativity, innovation and the evolution of technology, among others.