Techno Inventors, Inc.

We are Techno Inventors Inc.

Under the theme of “ Knowledge grows when you share Techno Inventors Inc. , a nonprofit organization founded in the year 2012. Directed by professionals who have vast experience in the industry. It offers education services S.T.R.E.A.M. through technology training workshops, where fun is combined with education.

The organization has designed academic curricula for : terrestrial, aquatic, aerial robotics, computer programming, hydroponics with renewable energy, creation of mobile applications, videogame programming and new inventions. In addition, it has specialized personnel to coordinate and develop projects that go according to the client’s need.

“I was told and I forgot it, I saw it and understood it, I did it and I learned it “

Currently the population with the highest growth and interest in enjoying our programs, are the teachers and young students of school at pre-school, elementary, intermediate and higher levels, who at that stage are forming their idea of the area to develop in their professional future. However, our programs are also designed for adults, special communities and clients with particular needs. We design our curriculum based on research and creative work, plus we train our staff.

Since its inception has developed projects with public and private schools at all levels and with independent clients. It offers training to teachers of all subjects, since it offers the opportunity to integrate topics related to the conglomerate of Sciences, Robotics, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (S.T.R.E.A.M. for its acronym in English). This modality allows emphasizing educational concepts in a fun way.

The independent projects offered by TECHNO INVENTORS They have highly trained personnel in the field and are the ones who design the invention or work plan that will be carried out. In addition, the staff that will work with the project is trained integrating the collaboration of both parties, for the understanding of STREAM concepts. Through the project, skills aligned with national education standards have been reinforced.

The program motivates participants to to go on courses related to the field of “STREAM” where they can develop innovative inventions in robotics and programming. The learning they acquire will serve as a work tool for their future professional, professional and personal.

The Organization has created the following activities specialized in robotics: “ Techno Inventions Party “, “ Techno Inventors Technology Summer Camp “, “ Under Water Robotic Vehicle Competition “,” Technology Idol Presentation Show “. As a main goal we are developing the National Robotics Olympics Puerto Rico with the objective of uniting all public and private schools in technological events and at the same time selecting the representative members of Puerto Rico in the World Robotics Olympiad. (WRO)


Offer our participants in special, populations of communities with low economic resources and high risk of dropping out of school; the motivation, the inspiration, the space, the resources, the means and the knowledge so that they are interested in educational careers of the conglomerate “STREAM,” and they are developed in a professional and successful way for the 21st century. In this way, we support the eradication of school dropouts and contribute to the technological future of Puerto Rico and the world.


Transform alternative education by inspiring to children, youth and adults in the areas of STREAM positioning ourselves as an organization with high values and commitment to our Puerto Rico offering quality training and technology training services responding to the urgency of an outstanding education for the quality and relevance of its intellectual and technical production, for the value it assigns to the ethical conduct of its members and for the permanent effort and commitment to respond to the changing realities of the national and international environment.