To continue making the effort with our young people and provide them with the necessary technological education to raise the necessary knowledge in science, technology, robotics, engineering, arts and mathematics (STREAM), you need to cover the costs described in the table below. The money invested for their sponsorship will be managed in a responsible and honest manner for the benefit of the participants in their entirety without profit.

Your sponsorship will be providing an opportunity for participants to educate themselves with alternatives of high educational level to motivate them to study, to be more successful professionals which will result in a benefit of Orlando, Florida. We will have as a result an increase in the knowledge of the participants in the areas of STREAM (Science Technology Engineering & Math) with the idea of ​​motivating north americans to collaborate with the education of our students. We will be motivating study and education through educational and competitive programs.

We have the necessary tools to facilitate sponsorship !!!

  • A distinctly Puerto Rican non-profit company incorporated in Puerto Rico.
  • We have all the legal requirements and the required documentation.
  • We enjoy the Federal exemption 501 (c3) and the State exemption.
  • We have the audited financial statements of the past years.
  • We are tenderers of the Department of Education of Puerto Rico.
  • Your donation & sponsorship will benefit your company as it will be taxable in its entirety.