Maybe in a few years there will be wasp flies or robotic bees everywhere. A group of experts and students of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington (UW), USA, have created the first robot insect that works without cables. It is called RoboFLy, it is not the first insect robot but it has many advances, since it is capable of flying without a connected cable that provides electrical energy.

According to Johannes James, lead author of the study, the microcontroller functions as the brain of the robot and weighs as much as a grain of sand. “We wanted to develop robots the size of bees because many cheap robots could be more useful than a single expensive robot,” says the author.

According to the group of students of the University of Washington, this robot will open many possibilities for aerial microcarriers. It is expected that RoboFly can help monitor crops and sources of contamination, detect leaks in pipelines and refineries, and help in searches and rescues, including talking about helping in space missions. Isn´t it great ?!