Many people remember their parents, after arriving from work, teaching them to read, teaching math, correcting tasks among many other activities that complement education outside of school. And although the educational system is based on what is taught in the classroom, much of the learning is in the reinforcement of the family.

Many parents with little or no knowledge in reading, mathematics etc … are unable to help their children in various subjects, and this creates a problem in the development of the child. Although many parents use technology, many do not know the benefits of programming in children, much less are trained to teach them on their own. That the parents are formed is the first step to teach the children.

If we are able to understand what programming is, what it consists of, what its benefits are, we will be able to teach programming as we teach them to read, write, put together a puzzle etc …

Programming brings many benefits for children and is even already included in the subjects taught at school.You can take courses to learn how to program and then teach your child, Technoinventors has many, do you dare?