Educational robotics is designed mainly for the creation of a robot with the sole purpose of developing in a much more practical and didactic the motor and cognitive abilities of those who use them. It aims to stimulate interest in science and motivate healthy activity. Also make the child achieve a group organization, discussions that allow developing social skills, learn to work as a team and also respect the moment to expose of others.

Educational robotics has its origins around the 60s, when a group of researchers from the Media Laboratory of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology proposed the construction of technological devices that would allow children to interact and program them to perform certain actions. It is here when the research group established the agreement with the LEGO company to develop what was known as LEGO / Logo, which consists of the integration of lego building pieces with programming elements that could be executed from a computer. Then, in the 80s, the LEGO company had already spread these equipment or toys around the world for educational purposes.

This is how this incredible tool for child development springs up and spreads all over the world.