Leka is not a nice toy either. It is a spherical and interactive robot specially designed for children with developmental, cognitive or social problems. Leka belongs to the brand Toldi and its creators have started a major campaign in Indiegogo to be able to market it in 2017.
Leka is a multisensory robot that stimulates the social, cognitive and emotional abilities increasing the autonomy of the small ones. It has the support of therapists, parents and caregivers in order to be able to use it as part of the therapy.

Features of Leka

Leka is a robot equipped with sensors that detect and respond to a child’s behavior. For example, if Leka is mistreated and thrown to the ground, he becomes sad and turns red, a color traditionally associated with sadness. This can serve as a signal for a child with autism problems helping to improve their interaction with the environment.

Its configuration is adjustable to the needs and progress of each child, such as brightness of the lights, sounds or speed to which it moves. It serves as a guide by giving the child the indication of daily tasks on the screen using pictograms. In addition, it issues positive reinforcements to motivate you in the actions you perform well.

In this video you will know Leka better.

The company is in full development of an application for professionals and therapists to expand the possibilities of using the robot. Through the Leka app you will be able to establish multiplayer activities or autonomous activities, hide Leka and program it with positive feedback when the child finds it, and a long etc.